100 years International Women's Day Hamburg:
100 years of struggles, success stories and challenges


Thousands of Women in Hamburg will celebrate the 8th of March in the Hamburg Townhall and recall with respect and admiration the courageous women calling for the right to vote, to education and for peace. The first International Women`s Day was held in 1911 and has become the worldwide International Women`s Day by the decision of the UN 1975.

Workshops and discussions, plenary sessions, receptions, infotainment and dance will be on the agenda on the 8th of March 2011 in the Townhall and the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg. Women have a dream: change to a better and more just world is possible with gender equality and emancipation of human kind.

Frauentag 1914

In the 19th and the beginning 2oth century women fought against inequality and oppression. Women in Hamburg continue to call for Emancipation Women Power, Justice and a more just world. It is a fundamental principle of democracy that all citizens are equal before the law and have equal access to power. Historically, however, this has not been the case and the world of politics did not open its doors to women until the 20th century, and although significant progress has been made, there remains some way to go before equality is achieved. This inequality also applies for leading functions in the economy, the financial markets and the society. Women are still not present in equal numbers. The participation of women and men in the boards of companies is a question of ethics and social justice but also of corporate economic performance and competitiveness. It is imperative to use quota regulations in politics and in the business sector like in Norway, Spain and France.

The International Women’s Day has a message: Globally women still are more unfortunate than men- no equal pay, no decent work, and more risks in view to violence, health and poverty. An equal society is a better society for all.